World’s smallest Ultra Micro Film Blowing Line

Labtech Engineering, Thailand will show at NPE 2012 one of their latest developments which is the world smallest, fully functional Ultra Micro Film blowing line with a traditional horizontal extruder. The line was secretly designed and built by the company’s engineers and technicians during their spare time, initially intended to be a personal New Years gift to the president of Labtech. But this film blowing line performed so well that it was decided to be offered to Labtech’s worldwide customer where there could be a market for learning institutes and research laboratories.

The line has numerous unique features comprising an extruder with an 8 mm conical screw, which can handle up to half size of standard pellets. The die is of a spiral mandrel type with a die lip diameter of 20 mm. The film tower has a total width of 150 mm and can accommodate a film of a lay flat width up about 90 mm. The air ring has an adjustable lip opening and is supplied by a built in variable speed turbo blower. The rubber nip-rolls are spring loaded driven with a variable speed DC motor. The tower has a motorized height adjustment with die to nip-roll distance from 430 to 570 mm. At the down side the tower is equipped with a rectangular film inspection lamp and finally the line is equipped with a two-station tension wind-up unit, where the bobbins are mounted with spring-loaded grippers. Both wind-up shafts are driven by a variable speed motor with an adjustable slip system for tensioning of the film. This Ultra Micro film blowing line is an almost exact replica of a much larger line from Labtech Engineering and the films which can be produced on this line are of the same quality although of course a lot smaller.