Film Blowing Lines

Our very large range of regular lab and pilot plant film blowing lines are available in lay flat sizes from 20 up to 1000 mm and with single layers as well as co-ex version up to 11 layers. They can be supplied with a huge range of options like for example oscillating haul off units, high rise film towers, bubble stabilizing and size controls, downstream windups from single to multi stations and with automatic roll changing. And they are available with our whole range of extruders sizes from 12 to 60 mm screw diameters.
  • Film Blowing Lines
    • Multilayer Co-Ex Film Blowing Lines
    • Single Layer Film Blowing Lines
    • 5 Layers Co-Ex Compact Film Blowing Line
    • Water Quenching film blowing line
    • Vertical Machine Direction Stretching units (MDO)
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