Polymer Evaluation

With the rapid technological developments in the plastic industry, the need for evaluation of polymers is ever increasing and Labtech Engineering is on the forefront in this respect, by designing machines to meet our customers’ requirements. Two-Roll Mills and Presses are, for example, used to evaluate and formulate new polymer additives and to measure standard DIN and ASTM properties, Filter Testers are used to evaluate dispersions of pigments and fillers and Gel Counters to determine gel and oversized particles in a polymers.
  • Two Roll Mill
    • Fully Computerized mills with Automatic mixing of the batch
    • Mills with electric or oil heated or water cooled rolls
    • Rubber mills with Water cooled or oil Heated & cooled rolls
    • Bench top mill
  • Hydraulic Press
    • Hydraulic Press Standard
    • Hydraulic Press ASTM
  • Filter Test
    • Filter Test
  • Gel Counter
    • Gel and spot counting and detection system
Polymer mills available with roll diameters of 100, 110, 150 and 200 mm. Roll heating is available in 3 ways, with our Standard 3-Zone or TRUE 3-Zone electric roll heating system, with Oil heating and cooling system, or with Electric roll heating and water cooling system. From manual versions to fully automatic hands-free computerized mills used for colour matching, quality control and research. Rubber mills with water cooled or oil heated and cooled rolls. With variable speed heavy-duty direct drives to the rolls.
Modern designed steel cabinet with curved sliding front door. The front door is equipped with a large Plexiglas window and the control cabinet is recessed so that it is covered by the front door when opened. Laboratory presses from 20 to 80 MT platen closing force, with double set of heating and cooling platens as standard. Available with fully automatic platen insert cooling system, as well as many platen sizes and control options.
Our filter test head with gear pump is designed specifically for easy cleaning with where the melt flows in a straight line form extruder through gear pump all the way up to the filter. The filter is easily installed and removed with our quick clamping system. WE WERE FIRST IN THE WORLD TO PRODUCE FILTER TESTER.
Our gel and spot detecting system utilizes as standard a CMOS camera. The sizes of the spots which can be detected are depending on the camera pixel and the width of the film. The comprehensive software supplied with the system allows you to select the type of spots you want to detect so that, for example, pigment spots can be distinguished from gels.
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