Water Quenching film blowing line
Downward Blown Film Line with Water Quenching of Film Bubble

This line with water cooling of the film bubble will enable extremely high film clarity which is due to the rapid cooling of the melt coming out from the die. This is for example very useful for blowing PP film which will have very high transparency and gloss. Also PP is easy to blow this way contrary to conventional upward air cooled film blowing. But this method of blowing films is also suitable for other difficult to blow resin types and we can also supply this line in a multi-layer configuration. the line is equipped with a system which completely removes the water from the film. The line shown here is for a max lay flat width of 350 mm and it is equipped with 25 mm, 30 L/D extruder.

  • Water Quenching film blowing line
  • LWQF-400
  • Max lay flat width
  • 300 mm
  • Max Film speeds
  • 40 m/mm
  • Approx. Max output with 25 mm. extruder
  • 10 kg/hr
  • Height from die to Nip-Roll
  • 1,215 mm
  • Total height of film tower
  • 2,500 mm
  • Total electrical power
  • 8.7 kW
  • Die lip diameter
  • 350 mm
Film Blowing Lines
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