Multilayer Cast film & Sheet Lines
Multilayer High Speed Chill Roll attachment For films down to 10 microns With a line speed up to 100 meter per minute

From 2 to 9 layers, our large size high speed chill roll attachment have roll diameters a main large 400 mm diameter chill roll which faces the die, followed by two rolls of 200 mm diameter.  The large diameter chill roll enables a rapid cooling of the film. The entire rolling stack is mounted on an individual heavy duty rigid frame, separated from the downstream unit but with common rail system. Available in roll widths of 700 or 900 mm. Individual water tempering or oil heating for each roll. Equip with motorized tilting mechanism, the roll stack can be placed in any position from horizontal to vertical or inclined at 45 degrees. The Chill roll attachment is supplied with individual servo motor drives for each roll.  Available with unwinds for laminations and coatings. Windups are available in single or two station versions with manual or automatic tensioning controls.

  • Multilayer Cast film & Sheet Lines
  • LCRHS-700 Co-Ex
  • LCRHS-900 Co-Ex
  • Roll width (mm)
  • 700
  • 900
  • Max. film width (un-trimmed) (mm)
  • 550
  • 750
  • Max. Die width (mm)
  • 700
  • 900
  • Roll diameter, all 3 rolls (mm)
  • 400/200/200
  • 600/300/300
Cast film & Sheet lines
Suggested Machines
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