Twin Screw Extruders for Thermoplastics
Twin Screw Extruder 36 mm

This NEW production version of our 36 mm Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder is made with closed sectional barrel modules with inserted wear linings made from PM-HIP steel. In other words, the barrel is no longer of clam shell type which we deemed not feasible for this larger twin. Each barrel module has a length of 4D and the twin is available with many L/D sizes ranging from 40 to 60+. Also screw elements are made from high wear resistant PM-HIP steel and are mounted on our new high torque splined shafts. This 36 mm twin is available in two main versions, standard as well as Maxi36compounder with drives from 55 up to 90 kW, with optional fan or water cooled motors and with up to 1200 RPM

  • Twin Screw Extruders for Thermoplastics
  • Standard
  • Maxi36 Compounder
  • Screw Speed (RPM)
  • 0 to 900
  • 0 to 1200
  • Motor Power (kW)
  • 55 kW
  • 90 kW
  • Motor Power (kW) Water cooled motor
  • 65 kW
  • 90 kW
  • Maximum torque at 900 RPM
  • 2 x 340 Nm
  • 2 x 350 Nm
  • Specific Torque Nm/cm3
  • 13.53
  • 13.92
  • Max barrel temp. (standard)
  • 400°C
  • 400°C
  • Maximum output (with a medium to high density compound)
  • 150-200 kg/h
  • 200-250 kg/h
Compounding Lines
Suggested Machines
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